Patient Focused Care

First Contact

From the moment you call and step into our office, you will feel that the decision you made to come and see us, was the right one. Our highly trained and focused staff, comfortable, warm and relaxing surroundings, create a positive experience right from the start. At every opportunity, we involve friends or family members to share in the experience. This positive support from others who share in your life is crucial for us to gain a deeper perspective on and appreciation for your individual hearing needs and to create the hearing solution that is right for you and your life.


Testing & Hearing Aid Evaluation

An important first step in the process is to determine your precise hearing levels. This is accomplished by first taking an in depth look at your long and short term hearing history including any recent or sudden changes in hearing levels and then performing audiometric testing using the most advanced testing procedures available. Once precise hearing levels are established, the results are presented and candidacy for hearing aids or other listening devices is determined.


Determining candidacy and the right hearing solutions involves analysing the test results while determining your exact needs and everyday listening situations that have created difficulty in your day to day life. Our goal during the testing and evaluation phase is to keep it ‘Dynamic’ and let you lead us to the right hearing solution. This part of the process involves listening and understanding, which deepens the experience and allows us to focus on areas that are important to you. The net result is a tailor made custom fit recommendation that will meet your hearing needs and allow you to achieve quality hearing... for life!


Fitting Appointment

The fitting appointment is where the recommendation becomes a reality and the hearing aids are physically tailor fit and the sound quality is adjusted for maximum benefit. Advanced objective measurements are performed to make more detailed adjustments and to verify the optimal settings. Finally, the patient’s individual needs are taken into consideration during the programming phase and any initial adjustments are completed. Use and maintenance of the hearing aids and other listening ‘strategies’ are then reviewed. These strategies help to maximize the patient’s ability to hear in difficult situations. At the end of the fitting appointment, 2 or more routine follow up appointments are booked. These appointments are necessary to address any issues that may be preventing success and to make sound quality and physical adjustments to the hearing aids if required.


Fitting Follow-Up

As standard practice at Dynamic Hearing Solutions, routine hearing aid check ups are booked every 6 months. This allows us to stay in touch with patients and to ensure long term successful hearing aid fittings. We also book routine one year re-evaluations to monitor any changes in hearing levels and to make programming adjustments as required. All follow up appointments are included in the initial cost of the hearing aids.