In the Community

Hearing Screenings

We are able to provide hearing screenings at senior centres and medical centres provided a quiet isolated room is available. Hearing screenings provide an excellent opportunity to determine whether a complete hearing evaluation is required.


A hearing screening is not a complete hearing test, but is a short 5-10 minute process to determine the possible needs of an individual. We are able to use a portable audiometer to test reactions of an individual to specific frequencies of sound. A complete hearing evaluation can be booked if an individual fails to respond at any level. Pre-scheduling attendees in 5-10 minute time slots, eliminates long waiting periods for hearing screening events.

Hearing Health Presentations

A hearing health presentation can be provided at senior and medical centres in a room that facilitates overhead projected presentations. A typical presentation may last for 30 to 40 minutes and is followed by a question and answer period. Tea and cake will be provided near the end of the hour at which time the presenter is available for individual attention.


To schedule an event in your community, please contact us at 1-877-426-0079 or by email at


Please let us know as soon as possible about date, time, or location changes, or if an event must be cancelled.