Hearing Evalutions

Woman having a Hearing Test

An important first step in the process is to determine your precise hearing levels. This is accomplished by first taking an in depth look at your long and short term hearing history including any recent or sudden changes in hearing levels and then performing audiometric testing using the most advanced testing procedures available. Once precise hearing levels are established, the results are presented and candidacy for hearing aids or other listening devices is determined. Determining candidacy and the right hearing solutions involves analysing the test results while determining your exact needs and everyday listening situations that have created difficulty in your day to day life. Our goal during the testing and evaluation phase is to keep it ‘Dynamic’ and let you lead us to the right hearing solution. This part of the process involves listening and understanding, which deepens the experience and allows us to focus on areas that are important to you. The net result is a tailor made custom fit recommendation that will meet your hearing needs and allow you to achieve quality hearing... for life!